Thursday, 22 August 2013

Homosexuality and Buddhism

This comment was in reply to Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara's article in Colombo Telegraph.

I think your idea of Buddhism connected to homosexuality is erroneous here.  Specially in this part of your article “Therefore, one who gets attracted to the same sex has no control or ownership of that process starting from the sight of a person to the feeling of homosexual attraction." I think we have control over our attractions. What you should have mentioned is desire and attachment. Buddhism wants us to practice "upeksha" or take no side of the event or the feeling and don't hold onto anything.  The reason why Buddhists or Buddhism does not discriminate homosexuals as other religions is we accept it is as part of (or associated with) desire. Whether it is heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or for your craving for any other thing comes under desire and to hold onto someone or a thing is an attachment.   Buddhists practice is to get rid of the very attachment whatever the form it comes from.
On second part of your article, I am not sure the connection between the political event and the very thing you say in the first part. Apart from a Buddhist monk in a political rally and a politician apologising for it, all that seems a political gimmick from both sides. Papers and people are talking about completely an unnecessary event. 

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