Thursday, 19 June 2014

Which hell are you going to end up?

I Was talking , rather arguing with four friends (Colleagues)  about religion. One is following Jehovah's witness, other one is a muslim, third one is a Catholic and fourth one is from some new age Christian sect. Each one claims their religion is the true one,  although catholic, Jehovah's witness and Christian New Age followers supposed to follow one god. The Jehovah's witness friend said his religion follows Bible to the letter and follows truest word of the god. Muslim friend disagreed and said his religion is the most truest and correct version as Christians changed stuff. Well Catholic guy believes he has the proper God and God mother etc. New Age Christian believes they are more open , don't do bad things, not aggressive, very high on morals etc. He in fact asked me where I get my morals. It seems he thinks I don't have any. I am the crappy , no morals etc upto no good atheist so I did not bother to go and teach morals to him.

Then I asked them this question. Just one. I asked the Jehovah's witness friend that, " do  they believe that if anyone don't follow his religion he/she would end up in hell.? Well he confirmed that yes they believe that way. So I told him weather according to his religion all other 4 colleagues (Catholic, Christian, Muslim and  I who is one time Buddhist but now half Buddhist) will end up in hell, in which he reluctantly agreed.

 I asked the same question from the Muslim friend. As a true believer he told us that all four other non believers will end up in hell by the grace of god. However I reminded him that he himself will be in Jehovah's witness friends hell.

Unfortunately for us our catholic friend confirmed that according to his religion / faith except him all other 4 people present will be in Catholic hell as we all are "non-believers".

I have to say our new age christian friend is bit more liberal. He was trying hard to explain perhaps hell is not that bad. It may be this earth, a bad place etc bla bla. But we will be in that hell nonetheless when we die.
Well some part of the world some Buddhists also believe others go to hell if you are a non believer and also commit some or other this and that sins.

Now think about this, after all of us die:

A buddhist, atheist, muslim, new age christian, Jehovah's witness guy will end up in ---------> Catholic hell.
An atheist, buddhist, New Age Christian, Catholic, Jehovah's witness guy will end up in ---------> Muslim hell.
An atheist, muslim, new age christian, Catholic, Jehovah's witness guy will end up in ---------> Buddhist hell.
An atheist, muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Jehovah's witness guy will end up in ---------> new Age Christian's modified hell.

An atheist, muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, New Age Christian will end up in ---------> Jehovah's witness hell.

And also all of them believed they would go to heaven following their respective religious heavens that is.

So Muslim heaven is Buddhist, Catholic, Jehovah's witness, Christian hell. Catholic heaven is  muslim, Buddhist,  Jehovah's witness, Christian hell.
 Jehovah's witness heaven is everyone else's hell. etc etc.

All of us somehow end up in each others hell except if you are an atheist.

If you are an atheist:
A muslim, new age christian, Catholic, Buddhist will end up in ---------> no where as atheist's don't care about hells. We don't care where you guys will end up anyway.

What I can say: Choose wisely.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't put much thought to this for many years. I truly do not think hell exists except for what we create in our minds as an acting out of our deluded separation from pure consciousness. I am not an atheist or label myself with any kind of belief system. From observation and a waking dream I had in my early twenties, I was given a message that there is no religion in existence that has the full truth though each one is partially true. Perhaps, it is those who independently awaken and become enlightened into consciousness experience what is truth. To my perceptions, the truth is more about being in a constant state of love than hell.

Your loving friend, Donna

Amal Fernando said...

Logically, an atheist would end up in one more hell than a religious person. How about becoming a multi-religious person? Could that be a bigger crime than being a single religion person?

Ajith Dharma said...

Logically Atheist will not end up in any hell as they don't believe such thing exist. If he or she end up in one then atheist will be with all the other "followers " enjoying a conversation. :)

Jamie Wilson-Hull said...

That was really amusing and I chuckled all the way through that.

Sadly, that is what people seem to think. They are brainwashed into their doctrines and cannot think outside of that box.

I was once told by a group of Jehovah's Witnesses that I would end up in Hell. Not because I was an Atheist but, because I simply wasn't a Jehovah's Witness and at the time, I was Catholic (who also told me that I'd go to Hell if I deviated from the church's teaching).

If someone were to hand that crap to me now, I'd hand them some of my books on Near Death Experiences. Those have proven that *IF* there is a Life after Death, it doesn't matter what religion you belong to here or, whether you are an Atheist, we all have similar experiences in consciousness after death. I have spoken to people who have had NDEs in great detail. Some were Atheists, some belonged to no religion but, figured there was something higher than us even some sort of consciousness, some were highly religious in one faction or another. All had the same experiences.

Whether or not we believe in a supreme being or, that we become nothing after death or, we go on....whatever happens after we die, it happens to us matter what religion or lack of belief we have. If there's nothing...the Jehovah's Witness, New Age Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jew or whatever...mean nothing. There will be nothing that we go to. If there's something after this life, we will ALL have the same experience of joy and beauty. Either doesn't matter what we believe or don't believe here. We're given "ignorance" here so, we guess. That's all any of us can do.

No matter which way you slice it, we'll all either be unaware of anything as we no longer exist or, we'll be in a place of beauty and peace and wonder. In NO case will any of us suffer any longer.

So, they can all take their religious dogma and peddle it all that they want but, it's not going to change where we all go or don't go! LOL

Ajith Dharma said...

I like all your comments. What I can say. I still did not get a proper answer. Let's enjoy the Hell/Heaven together.

Anonymous said...

Oh, are there proper answers to such questions, Ajith? Perhaps the proper answer is that we simply don't know anything. :-)