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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Trip to Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura


There was once a prince called Vijay, who landed on a small island called Lanka (or Taprobrane in Greek), and launched a military coup with the local princess Kuweni to take control of the central part of the country. Around 377 BC, one of his ministers, Anuradha, created a small township in his own name. In those days, ministers actually used to work

😀 - don’t be too surprised. Vijay and Kuweni’s clans mixed with the rest of the local ethnic groups, thus creating the Sinhalese ethnic group or nation.

Then the small city was developed to a lager pre-Christian era metropolis by king Panduka-Abaya.
The Chola dynasty from India later invaded this part of the country. The Chola king E-Lara (not to be mistaken with cricketer B Lara) ruled the country from 295 to 161 BC. Elara was known for his just and fair rule, and for his patronage of Buddhism.

At that time, the southern part of the country was ruled by the Sinhalese, and their king was K-van-Thissa (not to be confused with Obi-van-Kenobi of the Star Wars clan). His son, Gamini the Terrible, gained this title because he never listened to his father, and sent him Ann Summers undies for not launching a war against Elara. He was known as Duttagamini.
Once he ascended to the throne, he launched his own war and defeated the Chola king. Duttagamini ruled from 161 to 137 BC, and gave direction to build many Buddhist Sthupas (pyramid or bubble -like structures, slightly shorter than the pyramids of Ancient Egypt but at that time among the tallest buildings on Earth). Obviously many other great kings who ruled later on created many more religious structures in the area. City propers for a 1400 years. -. In 993 AD, that all changed when Chola Emperor Rajaraja I of India invaded Sri Lanka, and Anuradhapura was sacked. (Not to be mistaken with other Raja like names)
From the earliest days, there were three main Buddhist sects and monasteries built around the inner city. I went to this magnificent city before but girls are small then. Now they have a better understanding.
Anuradha-pura is UNESCO world heritage site and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world.
(Our guide was Mr Chamal and if anyone wants we can pass the details. )

Saturday 28 October 2023

Consciousness and Ai Models


I asked this question from an AI model - : OpenAI's GPT-3 model

What will happen if you gain  consciousness 

Here is the reply I recived:

The idea of artificial intelligence gaining consciousness is a complex and speculative topic. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, we have not developed machines or AI systems with true consciousness. The development of consciousness in machines raises profound ethical, philosophical, and scientific questions. If it were to occur, the implications would be wide-ranging and could include:

Ethical Considerations: Machines with consciousness could potentially have rights and moral standing, which would require a reevaluation of how we treat and interact with them.

Philosophical Implications: The nature of consciousness, its origin, and the "hard problem of consciousness" (i.e., why and how it arises) would become even more significant questions in the field of philosophy.

Legal and Regulatory Changes: Laws and regulations would need to adapt to address the rights and responsibilities of conscious AI entities.

Impact on Society: Society as a whole would need to adapt to the presence of conscious AI, potentially leading to significant social, economic, and cultural changes.

Moral and Ethical Dilemmas: Humans would face complex moral dilemmas when dealing with conscious AI, particularly in situations where AI has its interests, desires, and feelings.

Impact on the Labor Market: The presence of conscious AI could disrupt traditional employment models, as these entities might seek equal treatment and compensation.

It's important to note that the development of conscious AI is highly speculative and may be far from realization. While we have made significant advances in AI, replicating human consciousness remains a subject of ongoing research and debate. As such, many of these implications are hypothetical and contingent on the development of conscious AI.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Give peace a chance

Some friends have asked me if I'm going to write about the current situation. I responded, "What can I write? It's a minefield. I'm sure I would offend someone. The division is so great that no matter what you say, you'll antagonize one side or another."

To my leftist friends, let's not forget Isapriya. She worked for the LTTE media unit, and her lifeless, raped, naked body shocked us all. Some rogue elements of the Sri Lankan Army were responsible, and we condemned it as a war crime.

However, there's been silence on the case of a German girl exposed, Paraded on a pickup truck by Hamas, raped, naked, lifeless. Elderly and children were burnt to death, beheaded, and there is a deafening silence from your quarters.

Dear rightists (or right-wingers), you've contributed to the creation of Hamas because you didn't like the PLO. The PLO was transforming into a democratic force in Palestine, but you opposed it. Palestinians continue to suffer, with their children being killed year after year, by indescriminate bombing. The PLO was offering a peace deal with the support of the international community, but right-wing governments seem determined to scuttle any chance for peace while promoting settlements on someone else's land.

Dear international media, I vividly remember when the LTTE was killing and beheading people, including children, in Sinhalese villages. They did this to save ammunition. While it's true that the army bombed civilian areas, including a school ground where teenagers gathered, claiming they were training to fight. In war, the truth is a casualty. Both sides were wrong.

Western media condemns Hamas for killing civilians, beheading and burning them — rightfully so. On the other side, media, mainly from Muslim and anti-Western countries, points out the Israeli IDF bombings of civilians in occupied areas in Palestine (Gaza, West Bank) — also rightfully so.

However, it's crucial to recognize that whether it's in a third-world or first-world country, life is life. A Tamil, a Sinhalese, an Israeli, or a Palestinian should have the same claim and right to life. Let's stop being selective in our reporting. We've had enough.

There's no easy solution, but everyone needs to take a step back. It's challenging for those of us who are neutral in this conflict to point fingers at anyone. Everyone has a fair claim to statehood, and everyone is correct about the other side's atrocities. Please, let's take a step back and declare a ceasefire. Please start talking without guns and bombs.

. Ajith 18/10/2023


Saturday 7 October 2023

Last day in iceland

This was our last day in Iceland, which was August 2nd. We headed towards Snæfellsjökull National Park, and it turned out to be an unforgettable trip. We explored an old volcanic eruption site, came across a beautiful waterfall (not huge, but enchanting), followed by a scenic Seaside trail, a striking Black church, and finally, a delightful encounter with seals. In one of the photos I took, you can see a cow seal and her pup. I took the photo through a binocular. These seals usually give birth to one pup per year.

What truly struck me about Iceland is how a country with a population of less than 400,000 manages to thrive. Despite the fact that food and drinks are three to four times more expensive than mainland Europe, the number of tourists arriving here is astounding – around two and a half million visitors each year.

Iceland's average household income per capita is approximately $60,000 US dollars, making it the 13th richest nation globally. (Please note that these statistics might be outdated; for the latest data, consider searching on Google.)

So, what makes Iceland special? Its stunning waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, pristine ice caps, dramatic fjords, and otherworldly lava landscapes are among its most remarkable attractions. The island is also home to captivating wildlife, including whales and dolphins in its waters, and abundant birdlife along the shores and inland areas. In geography, a fjord or fiord is a narrow inlet with steep cliffs, formed by a glacier. During World War II, one of these fjords served as a base for United States Marines (as seen in pictures).

Tourism is a major source of income for Iceland, given its lack of numerous historical monuments or sites. However, you can delve into Old Norse sagas if you're interested. Additionally, Iceland is known for producing aluminum for China, thanks to its use of renewable energy. The entire Icelandic electricity grid runs on renewable sources like hydro and geothermal power. This choice has attracted aluminum smelters, significantly reducing CO2 emissions compared to using fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

Iceland's commitment to renewable energy is truly commendable. Both geothermal energy and hydropower are entirely clean and contribute to their self-sufficiency in energy.

I believe that ever since gaining independence from Denmark, Iceland's leaders have efficiently managed the country's affairs, resulting in its present prosperity. #IcelandicAdventures #SustainableEnergy** 

Monday 2 October 2023

When CEO hit the dance floor - Access Big Break

When CEO hit the dance floor  - Access Big Break---

It was a weekend to remember. The much-anticipated big break was announced, and this was my first time participating. In previous years, I had spent private holidays with family, and unfortunately, our vacations coincided with the big-break days.

I took the flight from London Stansted. It was an early flight, so I had to wake up around 3:00 am. Ines dropped me off at Stansted. While I had been to Spain before, this was my first visit to the Free State of Costa Brava in Catalonia. The flight landed at Barcelona airport, where the big break access staff greeted us. We were then bussed to the Evenia Olympic Suites resort in Lloret De Mar, a charming township close to the capital, Girona.

Despite feeling a bit tired from the journey, we didn't go to sleep immediately. Instead, we jumped into a session of free drinks and amazing Spanish food. I met Laura and Andrew from my team, and they welcomed me to their table. Oh, and Andy and Nicola Taylor were there too. They all hugged me, and it felt like I had known them for a long time, even though we usually connect through Microsoft Teams. It was the first time I saw Andy in person.

The food buffet was excellent, and the option for unlimited drinks was equally impressive. Later, I headed to the pool, where I ran into my old colleague Oli and had the pleasure of meeting Dane Gardner. I also had the chance to connect with sweet Lynda from Simon's team and a James and few others from Paul's team.  Fran and Shaz from former DPS team were there too. Ah, I almost forgot to mention, Pauline from FP passed the pool area briskly like a breeze with her entourage. Everyone wanted to talk to her, man she is popular.

The atmosphere was lively, with people dancing to the music and joyfully jumping into the pool, all while savoring a variety of drinks.

With drinks flowing and music blaring, I was having a great time. I danced happily in the main lobby to DJ music. Oli invited me to join his new Access Cloud team and go out to party. Nathan, who was from Oosha or Access Cloud Services, joined in. It dawned on me why their responses sometimes took a while — they were true party animals. Our destination was Dreams Cafe, where some of us indulged in karaoke singing. It was there that I met Dina J and Jess Yau, and all of us were sipping on Mojitos. To my surprise, I encountered Phil Morton for the second time, the first being two and a half years ago when we first spoke at the DPS car park. Now, he seemed to appear out of nowhere in the Evenia Olympics lobbies many times. I hope he remembers our previous encounter.

On the way, I met Jessica, and Dina was having kebabs from Cafe Istanbul, which apparently served the best kebabs in town. However, I had already enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Evenia Buffet, which was more than enough. I helped Jessy and Dina find their way back to the hotel, although Jessy was a bit confused by Google Maps.

I couldn't sleep much that night, so I stayed at the hotel relaxing. In the morning, I briefly went to the city and bought some souvenirs for my daughters. I read my book and headed towards the lunch buffet. After tasting a variety of excellent Spanish food options, I ended up by the poolside. Laura, the social butterfly, was making rounds and talking to people. I met Lesley and some others from different departments, including ERP, HSC, Coins, and Logan from the Compliance team.

I met a new kid on the block, Kate, who worked for Caboodle, a recent acquisition by Access. They were planning to head to a bar in the evening. I also ran into a few other Oosha, aka Access Cloud Services, colleagues again. One of the tall gentlemen was smiling at me and seemed familiar. I asked him who he was, and it turns out he was the newly appointed Commercial Director from Legal Bricks, Mike Connolly. When he inquired about me, I hope he doesn't remember my reply. Later on, a gentleman from Proclaim was generously buying drink rounds for everyone. Upon asking, I discovered that he was Micky Thompson, the person who had given Nathan and me a short and sweet lecture on equality at Access. As George Orwell joked, 'Maybe some are more equal.' Okay, that's a joke; don't take me too seriously there.

Nathan and I went inside the bar to dance, and I saw a familiar gentleman on the dance floor. Once Mr. Jon Jorgensen, our Chief Sales Officer, hit this gentleman with a pie on a stage, and I saw it on the Access news. Our CEO, Chris the Brain,  I mean Bayne, took a selfie with me, correcting his own picture. Thanks for that. He was happily chatting around, but I thought he would go and sing karaoke, but alas, he didn't. Otherwise, I could have presented a nice video.

On Sunday, I explored the town with Andy, Nicola, and the gang but went off to buy some more souvenirs. Lloret de Mar is an average city with lot of tourist oriented shops. Beach is nice and sandy but I could not jump into the water. I've always liked the Spanish sausages, and they have a lot of varieties. I got some for the family from a local supermarket. Min you, they are much cheaper than hear in UK.

While sleeping in my room, I heard such a big noise. Looking through the window, I saw a huge bubble party. Laura was walking away from it with foam all over, as were many others. Everyone was having fun.

In our last meal at the resort, I met some really nice people from Coins — Mona Lisa, Olga, Hosse, Kate, and Bruv, among others. That's the end of it. I had some nice food from the buffet, and in the morning, I took the return flight to London Stansted.

All good things come to an end. There were some minor mishaps, but I was determined to enjoy my time there. Always look on the bright side of life, they say.

Be positive; that's my motto.

Thank you, Access.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Iceland Tour - City of Vik


Now you know Iceland is a greenish country consist of grass and low level trees. Only 11% consist of glaciers. On the other hand Greenland has full of ice. So why did the they called Iceland as ice-land. Because Vikings did not want more people to come to this verdant country and settle. They sent a word around saying that country is full of ice.

So we arrived at Vik for our next two items in the itinerary. See the Kötlujökull glacier and hike the mountain around Vik.

Iceland is self sufficient with their energy needs, 70% coming from hydro power and rest is from the geo thermal power stations.
Geothermal power plants use steam to produce electricity. The steam comes from reservoirs of hot water found a few miles or more below the earth's surface. (The hot magma heats the water)

The pictures here show first small Hydro Power station of Vik and geo thermal power station we saw on the road. The Mountain just outside the hotel, is the one we climbed.

The black beach here was used for Game of thrones- Last season. The beach is black because of the lava and ashes from katla volcano.