Sunday, 13 September 2015

I had Syrian friends.

I had Syrian  friends when I studied in Soviet Union.  They were not refugees. They lived under Hasad Senior Hafez Al Asad. They could travel anywhere. Their women can drive cars and hold driving licenses. (Do you know a country that does not allow that ,  by any chance?) They could study including women (unlike Afghanistan I may say). Education was free (Including university education) . Muslims - Shia and Sunni, Christians of several denominations , some hindus lived side by side. No troubles. And then  his son came to power and nothing much changed. They had little bit of oil and some wealth. And some from the west  called him a dictator - Bashar Assad. He did not allow fundamentalists to take over the country.

Someone intervened we know who? Now Country is a mess and Syrian refugees are everywhere. There could well be terrorists among them we don't know. But before anyone posting any rubbish,  blame the people who created the crisis in the first place.

Assad may be a dictator. But we have seen worse.  Why we could not allow Syrian people to change their leader other  than impose it on them by some powerful country?

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