Friday, 1 July 2016

Chilcot Inquiry and the 172 Back Stabbers

I was surprised when Bremain aka remain campaigners had Tony Blair as a supporter. Tony Blair is a Europhile. We all know that. After all Europe supported his ambitions. Most European leaders had reservations about American President Bush and his Iraqi campaign, but they still  tolerated it for greater good. Supposedly to keep European unity as well. So Blair is in indebt to them.

However Jeremy Corbyn is not on the same boat. He did not support the Iraqi war.  But most of the 172 labour MPs who want to oust him supported the Iraq war.
Does anyone remember the brave six  Red Caps massacred  in Iraq? They did not have any military backup. Most of the British Troops were pulled out from Iraq after the war. Therefor their death is due to bad military planning and weak political leadership. Blair or Bush had no plans to set up a proper government structure and security   for Iraqi people. What followed was a blood-bath of ordinary iraqis by various extremist groups.

Tony Blair and those who supported the war are in for Judgement day.

We all know that Chilcot inquiry will come out on 6th of July 2016.

Now it seems to me all those Labour MPs are in line to get a great shock. In that case Jeremy Corbyn has an easy chance to present a case against them to Labour Members to de-select them. In my opinion they want to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn before that. So they are pushing for his resignation. Most of the print media, BBC, Web media are behind this campaign cunningly. Is  anyone out there finding them?

BBC shows only the clip that Cameron who is responsible for this disastrous referendum telling Corbyn to go. Not the Corbyn's reply.

All the other web sites and newspapers are no better.

This conspiracy is nothing to do with Brexit Vote. Most labour members voted for Brexit because they had real concerns about immigration. They had concerns about welfare cuts, job losses. Jeremy Corbyn admitted that much. But he also mentioned workers rights, maternity leave, paternity leave and all other laws and regulation we managed to establish thanks to EU. So he was 7 out of 10 for EU. That's a principled and honest stand from him than the most e liars we saw on Brexit campaign bus.

They promised £50 Million for NHS and later retrait, that because of the single market . To stay in a single market a country has to allow the free movement. Also we have to pay at least 177 million pounds as in Norway if such an arrangement to be agreed.

I hope sincerely country can get-out from this mess.  But not at the expense of a single honest politician I noticed in british political stage. Corbyn.

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