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Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Jaffna Cigars

So, I went there

to jaffna to see

how they rolled that

famous Jaffna cigar  

he smoked them 

all  the time 

his nick name was "suruttuva"

bought from the Jaffna shop

near the junction

which went into flames

some dark day

they were smelly 

they said

but it was the most 

beautiful smell 

for me

Today I lit up

one cigar in my garden

I had the smell 

as it was before

father's smell

I had this

wonderful feeling 

and hapiness 

with one puff

and with one sip of

Ceylon tea  

- Ajith D 13/09/2023

- Thank you Prasanna Yogarajah for taking me to see how they roll the original Jaffna cigars


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