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Tuesday 21 November 2023

Trip to Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura


There was once a prince called Vijay, who landed on a small island called Lanka (or Taprobrane in Greek), and launched a military coup with the local princess Kuweni to take control of the central part of the country. Around 377 BC, one of his ministers, Anuradha, created a small township in his own name. In those days, ministers actually used to work

😀 - don’t be too surprised. Vijay and Kuweni’s clans mixed with the rest of the local ethnic groups, thus creating the Sinhalese ethnic group or nation.

Then the small city was developed to a lager pre-Christian era metropolis by king Panduka-Abaya.
The Chola dynasty from India later invaded this part of the country. The Chola king E-Lara (not to be mistaken with cricketer B Lara) ruled the country from 295 to 161 BC. Elara was known for his just and fair rule, and for his patronage of Buddhism.

At that time, the southern part of the country was ruled by the Sinhalese, and their king was K-van-Thissa (not to be confused with Obi-van-Kenobi of the Star Wars clan). His son, Gamini the Terrible, gained this title because he never listened to his father, and sent him Ann Summers undies for not launching a war against Elara. He was known as Duttagamini.
Once he ascended to the throne, he launched his own war and defeated the Chola king. Duttagamini ruled from 161 to 137 BC, and gave direction to build many Buddhist Sthupas (pyramid or bubble -like structures, slightly shorter than the pyramids of Ancient Egypt but at that time among the tallest buildings on Earth). Obviously many other great kings who ruled later on created many more religious structures in the area. City propers for a 1400 years. -. In 993 AD, that all changed when Chola Emperor Rajaraja I of India invaded Sri Lanka, and Anuradhapura was sacked. (Not to be mistaken with other Raja like names)
From the earliest days, there were three main Buddhist sects and monasteries built around the inner city. I went to this magnificent city before but girls are small then. Now they have a better understanding.
Anuradha-pura is UNESCO world heritage site and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world.
(Our guide was Mr Chamal and if anyone wants we can pass the details. )


  1. K-van-Thissa = Kaka Varna Tissa = Crow-coloured Tissa = Tissa the black.


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