Sunday, 20 June 2021

My Father's day

Today my lovely daughters 

gave me a father's day gift with flowers

with hugging and kissing

they are making a cake with my wife

she bought me flowers and Champagne

she is doing schichtkraut for lunch

It's a German affair

This father's day

I remember my poor father

There were no father's day

I have no idea 

how he raised us 

on his meagre allowance 

When we passed exams,

doing well at school, and out

That's his father's day

he left us early, at 62

My Mother was younger

 than what I am now

I can't imagine, because

I think I am still young

at least at heart at 56

I can't imagine how lonely for her

how sad its for her

I can promise you,

dear  father

We will look after

Love of your life

For the rest of our lives

The least we can do

For all you did for us

your four children

only treasure you left


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